Manufacturing order structure


This article shows the manufacturing order structure.

What is a manufacturing order 

The manufacturing order is a document which contains the item code and also some information about the manufacturing process. 

Follow the steps below to display the manufacturing order sheet: 

  1. From the pull-drawers of Bravo click on “Manufacturing
  2. Select the option "Manufacturing order"
  3. Double click on the chosen manufacturing order

Manufacturing order structure 

The manufacturing order sheet is composed in this way: 

  • Master data: Order number, Product, Quantity, status, delivery date.
  • Inside the sheet "Steps" there is a list of manufacturing steps, if you expand a step you will dispaly the materials. 
  • Inside the sheet "Summary" there are all the manufacturing data. 
  • Inside the sheet "Hierarchy" there are the master order and the child order. 
  • Inside the sheet "Bill of materials" there are the bill of material data and the item code. 
  • Inside the sheet "Information" there are the manufacturing order infomation: labled bill of material, Costumer.

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