How to launch orders in manufacturing area


This article shows how to launch orders in manufacturing area.

What is an issue in manufacturing area

Inside the manufacturing order sheet there is a box "Status" which specify the status of the order.

There are these options in the "Status" box:

  • Confirmed: Manufacturing order inserted inside Bravo
  • Launched: the order is ready for the manufacturing
  • Processing: the factory is producing the order
  • Terminated: the manufacturing is finished

How lo launch orders in manufacturing area

If an order is inserted from an user it is in "Confirmed" status and it can't be produced.

Follow the steps below to lauch an order in manufacturing area:

  1. From the pull-drawers of Bravo click on “Manufacturing
  2. Select the option "Production launch"
  3. Select the right option in "Select manufacturing orders to launch" box. 
  4. Click on "launch"
  5. Insert the launch number 
  6. Click on "launch"
  7. Click on "Ok



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